New technologies and urban development.

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Teletown is an information and an opinion forum about new technologies and urban development. New technologies means the possibilities of the information and communication on the Internet. On this site there are short introductions to the different topics. Teletown is also a guide to other sites on the Internet. Which influence will the new technologies take on spatial structures, on the shape of the cities and places and on the role of the town planning? The development did just started.

At the message-board information and opinions can be exchanged, put for questions, notes given, discussions can be started and contacts produced. Please feel free to leave a message in English (or any other) language.

At the moment the site does only exist in German language and most of the linked sites on the Teletown homepage are in German language, some however in English. In the future we will produce a little summery of the introductions to the different topics in English language. We have arranged the English-speaking links of this site for you here once again.

Links in English language

The Centre for Urban Technology (CUT) was formally established at the University of Newcastle. CUT aims to understand the changing relationships between technical networks and the spatial, economic, social, and environmental development of contemporary cities.
The Centre for Urban Technology (CUT)

Howard Rheingold and Virtual Communities:
well: a virtual community

Documentation of a workshops by the Seattle Community Networks:
Developing and Sustaining Community Networks

Multimedia in towns, cities and local communities - development and testing of model projects. In one of the largest multimedia projects in Germany in the towns of Bremen, Esslingen and the Nürnberg municipal association the "virtual town", with its "electronic town hall" and "virtual market place", is being developed and investigated as a model with the support of the national government.
Information and communication portal media@komm

The International Association of Media and Communication Research:
Communication Technology Policy (CTP)

The network "Works through innovation" NADIV is a Schleswig Holstein (Germany) pilot project to use new technologies econmically.

empirica is a privately-owned, independent consultancy based in Germany providing services to suppliers and users of new information and communications technologies and applications.
empirica: Communications and Technology Research

The Intention of telechance in Austria is to improve and offer qualification and know how transfer in rural areas using information-technology.

Generell information about Televillages by the Televillage network:
What is a televillage?

The Crickhowell Televillage in Wales:
Crickhowell in Wales

Colletta is a Televillage in Italy:
Colletta in Italy

Vauban is a conversion project in Germany. The new technologies are used to build up a communication structure.
Vauban in Germany

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